More iPad Helpsheets


helpsheetAs I am doing some training for Teaching Assistants, I needed to make some help sheets PDFS.

I used a mixture of Skitch and Pages for iPad to create these and I do hope they are of use to you.

Do keep in mind that they are created for basic users and they are version 1- feedback and amendments are always welcome

I am adding these to a growing collection on the downloads section of the site.

Creating Trailers with iMovie for iPad

iPad Guided Access

Using safari to Search


2 comments on “More iPad Helpsheets

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Useful resources thank you for Trailers, Guided Access and other downloadable resources. I work in an apple-less environment as I still have to a wait a couple of weeks before I can claim a Canary Wharf Film Fund Grant (Thank you so much C.W.) to buy probably a few i-pod touches, a Macbook and maybe an i-pad. Although our initial focus will be ‘(Primary) Pupils as Reporters’ professional Corporate Film making friends of mine continue to remind me of the importance of story theory even whilst interviewing. Dramatica again.They stress that although making good video is structurally more complex than writing a newspaper report an effective use of story theory can really support interviewing as well as other fictional genres.It also appears that using a well thought out paradigm could also encourage higher order thinking.
    I just can’t wait to get started.
    Thanks again Anthony and your site is always full of good stuff- practical and inspirational.
    Best Regards
    Tom Whitehead

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