More iPad Helpsheets


helpsheetAs I am doing some training for Teaching Assistants, I needed to make some help sheets PDFS.

I used a mixture of Skitch and Pages for iPad to create these and I do hope they are of use to you.

Do keep in mind that they are created for basic users and they are version 1- feedback and amendments are always welcome

I am adding these to a growing collection on the downloads section of the site.

Creating Trailers with iMovie for iPad

iPad Guided Access

Using safari to Search


We are Games Makers

 Today I have been planning my year 6 ICT, basing our work on the Switched On ICT “We are    Games Makers” unit. The plans in Switched On are throughly written and contain all you need  to plan and teach a rigorous set of lessons and assess the pupil within each block of work. However, things are flexible enough for you to build on the original documents and use different software to that which they suggest. What’s more they actively encourage you to build in extensions and  take alternative routes through the units.

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To download a pdf of all of these cards click here

With this in mind I have extended the printed unit to include 2D platform game design using 2DIY. If you have not seen 2DIY, then you have missed out on an accessible and yet wide-ranging game creation tool. 2DIY was created by Max Wainewright , who  was keen that children had the opportunity to begin to experiment with scripts and variables. And so, with 2DIY children can easily create games in a short period of time. (During one lesson I taught,a group of Year 6 girls had a pretty impressive maze game built-in a bout 15 minutes.) Following this the children could move on to a more challenging plain, by exposing and altering some of the variables in the action script of their game. As shown in this rather quiet video put together during my time at 2Simple.

You can see lots of examples of these scripts and how to change them on the 2DIY archive run by Simon Widdowson. Alongside Simon’s examples, I worked with Nicholas Hughes of the  Redbridge Games Network and the art team at 2Simple to draw out these handy reference cards (see slideshow above) ,as a reminder of how to use script to create a “power up” for example. These would look great enlarged and blue tacked up in an ICT room.

To download a pdf of all of these cards click here

If you are in need of inspiration, then I urge you to watch Nicholas show off what some of his younger learners did with Action Script at Bett this year.