Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse videos regularly appear on video sharing sites like Vimeo and they are often stunning and inspiring.

The best of these , demand that you pull down the blinds, shush the class and create a bit of awe and wonder. The children can imagine they are there in the midst of the action. Such films really help ignite imaginations and spark metaphor, simile, and personification. They  help children to think like poets.

And then once they have watched, discussed and written, why not have the children create their own time-lapse videos? An app like IstopMotion will allow you to create a days movie on a full charge of your iPad or iPod.

Though you might want to consider a day in the life of your class as an alternative to shooting a sunset. Do be aware though that from experience children will get in shot with comic faces during the shoot, unless you make expectations clear. Such videos could be part of a wider project for the school website or blog . Links here of course with Switched On ICT:

Unit 5.1 We are Photographers

Unit 6.5 We are Web Developers.
A further good use of time-lapse is to show how shadows change during the day.

Here is a list of some Time Lapse videos that could be used in Science or Literacy.

The National Geographic website describes Time – Lapse as –

Time-lapse photography makes it possible to see spectacles of life too slow for our eyes

A page on their site has further information and examples see:


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