Homework on the iPad again

20140111-210353.jpgLeo and I were doing his homework together this morning. As a child with a range of learning difficulties, he finds writing challenging and sustaining a written task can be an issue. He needs the engagement that an electronic device offers, he needs support to spell and he needs short focussed structured and supported experiences. He also needs to feel that he is a writer, albeit on a device, without such positive experiences of composition then he will avoid literacy tasks.

My input was chiefly around content and discussion on recycling processes, while Leo put together the sentences. He found these easier to compose due to the accessible keyboard,  predictive text/ word bank of suggestion and because the app read his sentences back to him.So, today he had to research and write about recycling and we reached for Clicker books and with minimal help he created an Ebook. There are other apps that can create Ebooks, but for Leo this app is currently really best fit.


Once the book was finished I emailed a PDF version to myself for printing. Of course you can send the


book to other Clicker Books users, who can then view the book in a more interactive and multimedia form. We made sure we did this with Dylan recently, using our iPads to make him Ebooks of family times for him to keep on his iPad at residential school.

This app is versatile and very easy to pick up and run with, unlike some SEN themed writing apps. It

lends itself to those with SEN and those who are reluctant writer but without a formal identified need. I think i would use it as a word processor with emerging writers in Key Stage 1 and Year 3. Try it yourself and make up your own mind. Find it on the App Store.



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