More Web Hacks for Key Stage 2 – After Hackasaurus

Many teachers have used Hackasaurus a Mozilla Foundation tool that exposes users to the lines of code that make up websites.

I wrote a post about how I’d used this web hacking tool myself, to customise the BBC News web page. The “hack” is an excellent introduction to web building and can also work as a writing frame to support young reluctant writers too. It beats just typing out on Word.

Since Hackasaurus appeared online, the community of Mozilla web makers have offered more tutorials and “hacks”. These can be found in the gallery of Here you can explore the Thimble projects which offer interactive web pages that encourage you to remix by changing lines of code.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 23.15.21

Today I have been playing with Tobias Leingruber‘s tutorial and Javascript snippet. When activated this code will change the colour of a web page and (with some refinement) fill the background with user defined images.

desktop change

So, of course I changed Google to include a background of Doctor Who themed animated gif files.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 21.30.42

You can try it yourself by following the tutorial here:


The hacking and playing should not end there and teachers and pupils should follow the advice at the footnote of the tutorial.

Now apply your new skills further! Play around. Hack. Tinker. Become a maker of the web.

Obvious links here with the Switched On ICT unit for Year 6 – We are Web Developers or aspects of the new Switched On Computing.



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