Coding with Javascript in Upper Key Stage 2 – Here could be how..


Excuse me if you’ve seen this before elsewhere, but it is new to me.

Code Monster runs in a a browser and allows you to amend existing Javascript in the left window and see the results immediately on the right.

It works better on a Mac or PC and is workable on an iPad too, though a bit tricky.

At first it looks all a bit straight forward and the monster gives you the impression that this is cutesy, but as you progress through the lessons then things get quite complex.

I counted around 50 lessons in total, each with text instructions from “the monster”. The activities range from simple shape drawing to working with physics. I think this would be most appropriate to use at around Year 5 or 6 and perhaps gifted and talented pupils in year 4.

Description of Code Monster from the site:

Code Monster from Crunchzilla is live Javascript programming for fun. The focus is on action. Code changes immediately yield visible results.

Projects start with simple boxes and colors, rapidly progressing into exciting experiments with simple animation and fractals. Important programming concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, expressions, and functions are introduced by example.

Code Monster is a gentle and fun introduction to programming concepts. It is a first step in learning to program. It is not intended to teach all of computer science and programming.

Code Monster is based in Seattle, WA. It is part of the Crunchzilla suite of game and educational projects developed by Geeky Ventures.

Here is a video tutorial/introduction I came across on Vimeo from School Library Journal


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