Another Video to inspire Writing.

christmasAnother “video for writing” find today. Blue Zoo Animation submitted this short to the video sharing site Vimeo, just before Christmas. Despite the Christmas tree and reindeer creature, it still has a spooky wintry feel that could push it into a writing lesson in January. I’d use this in either Key Stage and adapt my planning and objectives as I think this resource is quite versatile.

The film is just over two minutes and therefore it would warrant a retelling or poem.

If you were feeling particularly brave you could download it or send it to an iPad. After which children could add their own narration or alternative music.

The use of software such as 2Create a Story or Superstory could allow you to create ebooks around this film. Or take screenshots and make an Ebook using Clicker Books or Book Creator on the iPad.

Some questions to think about..

Who was the old man?

Why was he climbing the mountain and where do you think he is going?

What did he think he had in his bag?

Where did he get these glowing objects from and do you think he should have them?

What was the creature who stole the objects from the old man?

Was the strange creature good or evil?

Did the story end as you expected it to?

What effect of the music and what is the mood it creates?

What do you think the man told his friends/ villagers about what had happened to him?

What would you do with the glowing decorations?


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