Wow Moments

Last Friday, Charlie brought home a piece of paper for us to use to record his Wow moments. I think these are the “I did it moments” of attainment that early years teachers are hard wired to seek out. From my research these observations are collected and combined with the already bulging file of work and observations for each child. A simple google for EYFS and “wow” will give you a growing collection of similar sheets. Many schools and nurseries are doing this and it seems a good push towards greater parental involvement.


It struck me that this would make such a good app for parents to use. I am going to struggle to remember to jot down a wow moment and annotate it. Drawing a picture or pritt sticking print out would also require some heavy dedication on my part.

But give me an app in the style of award winning 2Build a Profile, whereby I snap the moment and provide a textual or auditory commentary, then I’d be far more likely to share his out of school “wows”. After all many of us do this everyday on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube.

It would be even better if such an app linked directly to a data store for school and home, so that both parents and teachers had access to relevant images.

Just an idea.



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