123D Monsters – Create 3D Monsters with Scary 3D Struggle Ware

mzl.sbcejnuwYesterday I came across the 123D Monsters app from Autodesk Inc. Of course it ticks many of my boxes as it a creative app and with monsters at its heart it means it has an almost Doctor Who theme. But putting that aside another reason to love and download this app is because though it is creative it is actually quite challenging. It would almost be what John Davitt calls “struggle ware”, i.e. it takes some perseverance to get your head around the tools and workings of the app and produce a scary looking creature.

Many apps give you almost instant results; take a snapshot, whack it through a filter and job done. This app however, requires you to spend time pinching, dragging and repositioning the virtual clay until you are ready to “bake” your beast. Don’t expect to dive right in and get instant results, it will take you some time to gain familiarity with how it all works, but it is worth it when you see the finished creatures. Once your monster has been “baked” you can then add paint or texture such as skin or feathers. Your finished monster could be printed via 3D printer or exported as a 2D image with custom effects and backgrounds.

I’d like to give this to my Year 6 pupils and ask them to create a Martian species as part of our Mars topic. It could also lead to some very descriptive and rather scary creative writing

By the way this is only my first monster, below, so I have yet to come up with a name for him. If you have a suitable name for the creature, then please let me know in the comments box.




One comment on “123D Monsters – Create 3D Monsters with Scary 3D Struggle Ware

  1. This sounds great, I was just thinking about what to do with my year 6 class next week when I came across your tweet! They are doing a topic in science fiction and thought 123d would work. When I delved deeper into your site I saw you had a similar idea!

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