App of the Day: Class Charts

classchartsI came across this browser-based admin tool in the Christmas holidays and it has taken me until now to get round to sharing it with you. Upon first glance you may dismiss this very useful and time-saving tool as another behaviour management system. Well I did at first! But look beyond this and you will realise that this tool can really help improve your assessment and class admin workflow.

As a busy teacher you are required to be data fluent about your class. I am often asked for levels and groupings and about the progress of individuals or groups. For many teachers this is kept on spreadsheets and of course softer data is stored mentally. I have tried for some time to make the flow of accessing this material easier. I had experimented with Bento and other simple databases, but if a tool or app is cumbersome then you tend not to use it for long, Class Charts feels different. For me Class charts allows me to access a range of essential information about the class by clicking through a seating plan graphic that you create. And alongside this I am able to easily record and track behaviour, all with full customisation and individual reporting.

A further bonus to Class Charts, aside from the fact that is free is that it is also collaborative, you can work with other adults who teach your class on this site too.  Try it out by registering on


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