App of the Day: Banana Hunt

Today’s app is a welcome conversion of a game that I used over and over since I first got my Promethean board a few years ago.  Banana Hunt featured as a game on the Maths Pack series of Interactive Maths tools from Interactive Resources. At the time they really helped my classes to visualise difficult concepts and made the Primary Strategy’s ITPs look very BBC 4. Upon returning to the classroom back in March I was pleased to find them preloaded on my class laptop.

Banana Hunt Screenshot

Anyway, Banana Hunt is simply a great game that works on a very strong visual of angles on a circle. You have to guide your monkey around the circle to find some bananas. If you get to the exact angle then you will get 10 bananas, whereas if you get within 10 degrees you will at least get some. As this is now an iPad app you can now put the game into more hands than just  the teacher and the occasional child you call out to use the IWB with you.

Here is a brief video of me talking about the app and illustrating it with some Year 6 SATS questions, which this app really supports.



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