Future Apps – 3 to try in 2013

There are so many apps being released each week and though some of these fail to excite or are nothing but tired remixes of other apps, once in a while an app stops you in your tracks and you just say wow! Or at least you may think I wonder what that would look like in a classroom with decent wifi and  possibly a printer!

Here are my big 3 for 2013!


Currently (£1.49)

I have to say this does make me think of 2Design and Make from 2Simple, but  this app does more and it is on an iPad!. You can create figures, vehicles and boxes and add some stunning intricate detail. I really can’t wait to create a wall display of Foldify Cars or Superhero figures.

As you are painting and designing all of these on a net and then assembling the model this app serves as a good mash-up of ICT, Maths and Design and Technology.

You can download the app by clicking here and read a behind the scenes look at the design over on Wired.Com here.



From the people that brought us Songify and the Ocarina app comes their newest offering. Their aim is to help us all create our own music videos by adding a filter to any 15 seconds of speech. The results look good in their promo videos; so  I am keen to put this in the creative hands and minds of a Year 5 or 6 class. It could be an interesting way to present a  poem or a hard to grasp science concept or how about as a way of memorizing the names of King Henry’s wives.

My Little Rocket


Like Foldify this app is all about crafty things and actually getting you away from the device and creating something in the old school way. The app encourages you to create your own cardboard rocket, both with its visuals, the instructions for building and the launchpad.  Here you can place your homemade rocket onto the iPad screen and launch it into space together with smoke and a countdown.


If you are running low on toilet rolls and paper cups you can send the in-app rocket and pilot into space. He will visit planets with unusual names and you can also customise his / her rockets before setting off.

I love quirky apps like this and Urbn Pockets have delivered again with an app that shows they understand children and teachers. I would definitely be using this app within the theme of space with Year 2 or 3 and i think it would inspire a lot of writing and junk modelling.

Download it from here 

More in 2013 please Urbn Pockets.


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