Christmas Card Creation 1: 2Publish+

At this time of year classrooms are full of glitter and cotton wool, there is a glue shortage and you will probably struggle to find any coloured card. Though there is nothing like receiving a Pritt Stick heavy analogue card, digitally created cards make for an enjoyable session. Depending on the application used they can also be an opportunity for children to extend their desktop publishing skills.

Here is the first in a series of posts on how to make printable Christmas cards. Today I focus on a classic that is still cool and classy, while my next post is about an app that is just a few weeks old.
I always come back to this program when I am looking to do some desktop publishing with younger learners. I liked it so much that I bought it for every school in Redbridge a few years ago. What I liked then still attracts me now, the tool set is simple and uncluttered and pushes children to paint and create rather than simply paste a google sourced image into their card. A couple of years ago I wrote some instructions on how to make an elegant Christmas card using 2Publish+ over on 2Simple Talk.

On Day 17 of Gemma and I’s Advent calendar we wrote:

Once again we are treating you with two festive lesson ideas in one day! These lesson ideas utilise the CD based program 2Publish+.

The first lesson idea is to create a personalised Christmas card, which can be done using the card template within 2Publish+.

With this template you can visually see how your card will look when printed as the pages turn over on-screen. This makes it easier to navigate around the template so that you can create a front cover, inside pages and a back cover of your card. Here are a couple of steps to show you how Caroline made her Christmas card for her Mum and Dad.

View Original Post and instructions here:

And while we are at, here is a video from Mr Simon Haughton on how to make a Christmas Card using 2Publish+


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