App of The Day : Autism Apps

As a parent of two autistic children, I have been excited by the possibilities offered by an iPad and the range of  special needs apps. I meet many patents who have similar expectations, but this can often turn to disappointment when the child shows disinterest or the device becomes another object of obsession.

         The app store is also full of apps tagged with autism, but autism is such a broad definition for a wide ranging spectrum of need and impairment. With this in mind and a few wasted 69p purchases behind me I  tried out Autism Apps. I approached it with some cynicism, but I am glad I took the trouble to download this free app. This is not strictly speaking an app as you might expect though, a better description would be to call it a filter or a catalogue of apps.

The app lists a growing collection of autism tagged apps and orders these by specific conditions and difficulties. You can therefore search for something appropriate for your child and filter results by price and device. There are links to videos and reviews on blogs along with screenshots and download access. This is what the app store experience should be!
Many of the apps listed in this app would be limited if they were just used within an autism context. I think any inclusion leader in a primary school would soon begin to match apps to children if they looked through the large visual database.

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