App of the Day: Christmas Hair Salon Free

Today my app of the day has been picked by Charlie who is my reception aged Doctor Who fan. He and his brothers love all Toca Boca apps, but the “Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift” is a current favourite. I think Charlie has ambitions to be a hair stylist when he is older because he loves to trim, style and colour Santa’s hair and that of the Christmas tree. This free app is a brilliant addition to any Foundation Stage or SEN iPad, as it develops motor skills and is a fine example of both role play and a simulation. Though you will be glad it is a simulation and not the real thing when you see what children do to the hair of poor Santa!!

Charlie loved styling and accessorizing the red suited one so much that we have now gone for an upgrade. He made his Dad sign up  to the fully featured Toca Hair salon at £1.49. this gives you more clients with more hair to trim and style, along with a shower facility.

In the video below Charlie attempts to convey his enthusiasm for the Christmas hair styling app.

Add it your iPad now, next to the other Christmas free (but good) apps.



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