App of the Day: Subtraction Pro

Hurriedly doing  Leo’s (Y3 and SEN) homework this evening, after a busy weekend. Looking down at his sheet it involved him focussing on number bonds and subtraction upto ten. Due to his learning difficulty we could only really look at subtracting within the range 1-5. And this would need supporting with apparatus, thankfully with five boys you can always find random Duplo on the floor. But to record subtractions on a sheet would take him too long and we needed something that would remove the need for this difficult pencil work and allow him to focus on the Maths.

In comes Subtraction Pro, one of the brilliant Maths apps from Frogmeleon. These apps allow you to really tailor the work to the child you are working with. For Leo we set the numbers down quite low, though when I use this app with members of my class the range is far more challenging and the missing number would not be the answer but part of the sum. What I also like from an SEN point of view is the ability to use multiple choice or just the keypad. Clearly for Leo it was appropriate to give him multiple choice, but again you can turn this off for more able learners. Leo is a great fan of the whizzy robot that appears in these apps, though we do turn him off sometimes to avoid distraction from subtraction!

Note – when you download this app – take a look in your settings and see just how many things you can configure!

Once he went through the flash cards we’d set and taken a test he was able to look at his score/ stars and use the review tool to work on sums he got wrong. This is a well designed app which is part of my tool kit for teaching Maths, helping my boys for homework and for supporting children with SEN.

Here is a video of Leo and I doing Maths homework tonight.


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