App of the Day – iPhone Text Meme – What would Charley Bucket text?

Today’s app is a tool that could be used either on a PC/Mac based browser or on your iPpad. The iPhone Text Generator reminds us of all those funny examples of text conversation “fails” that you might see on facebook or other sites.

The website enables you to generate your own customised conversations/ exchanges of texts via the on-line form. However, rather than just seeing this as a way to create silly or rude jokes, why not see it as another great presentation and thinking tool. We could begin to ask if Charlie Bucket had an iPhone  what and who would he text when he discovered the golden ticket ? Or how about when Stig is discovered by Barney? What would Roald Dahl’s  Twits text to each other and what might a string of text on Alex Rider‘s phone say?

The site allows you to download your work as a PNG file , which is handy if the conversation stretches on beyond one screen. The only downside I can see is that the site carries ads and external links, which can not be vouched for and are worth just vetting before you show the site.

I am sure there are more possibilities and I ‘d love to hear them in the comments section.

You can find the text generator here.

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