22 Hours to Go – time for a quick App of the Day

My Blog clock/ countdown thingy tells me there is just 22 hours to go until Teachmeet iPad. I am thrilled that this event is almost with us. I look forward to posting links, videos and a range of stuff from the evening here on the blog over the next few days.

Thank you to everyone who is involved in whatever capacity.

Time for a very quick App of the Day – it has to be Video Star.

This is a free app which give you the power to create music videos. Or to put it another way it allows you to film some footage to accompany songs in your iTunes library. Except while you film you have the ability to add some free and in app purchased effects.

This is the downside of the app in that you can not do anything until you have added some music from iTunes, though there may well be a workaround I am missing.

I think this app would come into play during school talent shows or end of year performances. Here the talent being judged could move beyond just the singers or dancers and give due respect to the geeks carrying the iPads.

Leo and I had a brief play with this app earlier this week and we almost made an MTV blockbuster using his favourite choon!!

Clearly  we have a way to go yet and  next time we film I need to ensure Dylan doesn’t wander into shot and ensure Leo knows all the words!!

My apologies to Flo Ryder


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