Morfo Booth, Beasts and An App of the Day

Today  I  introduced another class to the epic Blodin the Beast by Michael Morpurgo. We love this book in Year 6 and it has been one of my favourite texts since I had my first Year 6 class, many lesson plans ago. It really lends itself to some great writing outcomes through a Mantle of the Expert approach of drama and investigation. 

We set the scene for the story and the children acted as if they were villagers going about their business, while the beast prepared to descend on their homes and raze them to ruins. Not all the villagers took this threat seriously , even after an elder from the village read a description of the beast that he had penned many years ago. ( This was essentially page 1 of the book) .

In order for all of the village to be convinced of the oncoming horror of Blodin, we created clips of Blodin speaking his mind. This we did through a magic device kept in one of the old villager’s cupboards – in reality an iPad from my desk running Morfo Booth.

The children wrote some amazingly detailed and descriptive speeches for the beast and I recorded as many of these as I could, to act as a follow on and stimulus for writing in tomorrow’s lesson.

Morfo Booth makes it possible to create talking animated heads. It is an app that  is always shown at training events, as a wow app for those new to the device.

I think I must have seen this app two or three times now and I never really tire of it. It has a lot of potential, which many of us who love and use iPads have yet to tap into. for example yesterday I worked with my oldest son Dylan, who has autism and limited language. He loved speaking into the app and having a near reflected version of his face play back his best-loved phrases.

Back to today and here are some highlights of how my class became Blodin using Morfo Booth. Just to say I only needed one iPad for today’s lesson and a small group of digital leaders/ ICT monitors to put all the best bits into a short film using iMovie.


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