App of the Day – Action Movie Effects

Today’s app of the day would add excitement and  drama to any iMovie project. Action Movie Effects are a series of  science fiction. war and natural disaster overlays that can be used while filming. My boys have had lots of fun creating scenes of falling rocks and tornadoes indoors, but after much messing about I have realised that this app probably works best outdoors, rather than the lounge or the play room.

The finished piece can be very effective, though unfortunately these clips do only amount to around 5-7 seconds. You would need to export the movie to camera roll and then import them into the timeline of iMovie or other editing suite in order to create a longer masterpiece.

Here are some of my attempts at filming and applying some of the overlays outdoors.

Creating mini movies like these would have a natural fit with news projects in school.Here clips of a crash or a flash flood could form part of a wider news programme, which is very straight forward to make if you use the news theme in iMovie.

The app is free, though like many free apps it can be enhanced by a number of all too easy to add 69p in-app purchases. Do be aware also that this app does have a 9 rating on it, so you should not use it across the school.


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