App of the Day Talking Rex


Today’s app, has most definitely been chosen by my boys. They love speaking to the dinosaur and hearing him echo what they say. Apart from repeating your words in a dinosaur voice he also fetches bones, fights with a friend and eats hunks of steak you chuck at him.

I have looked at other talking apps, but sometimes the content and behaviour are not always appropriate. For instance, in a popular talking cat app you get to punch the feline in the face. I am not sure that sends the right message, but maybe I am just a cat lover!

The dinosaur’s monologues can be saved as films and uploaded to YouTube, so there is scope for using this as a presentation tool. Quite simply pupils could record poems or some of their MFL learning and share this online. It could also be a tool to engage those reluctant speakers in your class.

I am not going to claim that this a great autism app, and frankly I get tired of those that do make claims about apps and ASD. However I did notice that Dylan, 9 and autistic, who had limited language did spend some considerable time talking to the T Rex.

The other huge plus point for this app is that currently it is free, as it is normally just 69p.


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