Rover App – Allows Flash to Sneak in.

Rover_AppIcon101_RoverRendering_v03B_Rounded     I have tried various apps/ browsers to get Flash based websites to render on an iPad. Notably Puffin, which was a much talked about browser last year. On Puffin one could at least view Flash websites via the interface, but interacting was a bit hit and miss. But Rover feels like a step up from Puffin and is worth a mention here. This isn’t a full review and the app isn’t “app of the day”, I am still testing and playing with it and I would be wary of recommending it, as many did this last year about Puffin with disappointment all round. I played about with Purple Mash on my iPad using Rover today and because of the inclusion of a menu containing keyboard. arrows, full screen and cursor buttons it behaves far better than Puffin.

A quick screen test on an iPad 1 with Purple Mash proved reasonably successful. I was able to type, listen, watch slightly jerk video and paint with low-level lag and of course some areas of the site behaved better than others. If you have Purple Mash and iPads in your school, you may find that Rover goes some way to solve the issue of a lack of integration. Incidentally it was nostalgic to watch the video for the autumn activity, those are my boys scuffing about in the leaves.



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