App of the Day : Early Birds Times Table Training

Today’s app is now sitting on my Maths apps screen as an alternative and a fitting complement to all those great Times Table Apps we have been bashing away at. Upon first glance Early Birds  looks like something you might use with younger learners, but once you have a bit of a play you realise that this app could be used right up to Year Four ( and some children would still need it in Five and Six).


Here is how the developer, Ian Knapp, describes the app on his site:

Help Ernie find the eggs with his brothers and sisters in by recognising multiples of the table sets from the twos to the twelves. Race against the clock and collect Egglets (colourful eggs laid at midnight) by beating time targets. Up to 7 player profiles on one device.

Most of the apps I love and use for memorising and practising tines tables are about working through the facts/ sums. This app takes an alternative and slightly challenging approach and one that will really get your class learning their tables thoroughly. Instead of giving them answers to sums, children need to spot multiples of a particular table. This is given a competitive edge by trying to beat the clock.

The graphics are bright in this app and it lacks silly noises, or any hint of “Well Done” or “Try Again” cheesiness. Another great advantage of this game for this with a school set of iPads is that it allows for seven profiles. This function should make it easier for multiple pupils to use one iPad. This and the developers other apps reflect an ethos of both simplicity and safety. With this in mind there are no ads or links here and the learning curve to use is minimal. Your reward for beating the time challenge are egglets, little trophies each with their own unique fact card. This is a nice touch, which is easily missed unless you click on the info for each prize.


I am not sure I can offer much in the way of suggestions for improvements, though I did look for and miss a settings button. Other apps have these to set the level of challenge and numbers to focus on. However this still a very good addition to your collection of Maths apps and good value too.


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