App of The Day : Aging Booth


A search for “booth” on the App Store currently returns over 137 results. I know I have just scrolled through them all. Apps of this nature are pretty ephemeral and their use is limited in a school context, so you don’t want to be paying too much. Aging Booth stood out for me though, amongst the multitude of face changing tools  it fitted much of the criteria I use for what makes a good primary school app. It is only 69p too, which also made it stand out!

First and foremost Ii liked the ease of use. Simply position your face, now line up the eyes, chin and mouth  and then wait for the wrinkles to arrive. Other apps have too many buttons for fine tuning brightness, contrast and whatever else. But it is possible with this booth to get a pretty impressive effect with just a few clicks. Furthermore, other face distorting tools I looked at such as a Wanted poster tool, presented me with inappropriate language or an overdose of easily clicked links to other apps, there are links here but they are small and unobtrusive.

This app only does one transformation and there is no opportunity for post production or edits. What’s more,  as this is a standalone and quite minimal tool, there is no opportunity to morph your teacher or fellow pupil into a “fat face” or some other ridicule worthy image. Unless of course you allow pupils to follow the tiny links and download Ugly or Fat Booth of course.


This is as a result of using the app, I don’t normally look like this!

In terms of improvement for the app and others it would be great to see an education focused version. This would have all of the social networking share facilities removed, along with any other external links.

Other than just having a bit of a laugh in the staff room are there genuine uses for this app? I like the idea that one school did around time travel, where the children were asked to imagine themselves in the future. This opens up lots of opportunities for PSHE and discussion around hopes , dreams and ambition.

And here is another variation on the theme of ageing and time travel. I found on a Pinterest board.with the instructions:

1st use “aging booth app” to age the students to 100 years old.
2nd print full-page picture in black and white.
3rd cut ovals to make frames and attach white notebook paper at the bottom to write about their life after a 100 years, describe themselves at 100 etc.

Repinned from School by Jamye Rhodes Hall
Doesn’t this display look really effective?

Source: via Felicia on Pinterest


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