Apps of the Day – Pizza 1

mzl.rnkshwss.175x175-75 This simple app is a great add-on for your Key Stage 2 fraction lessons. It pretty much does what it says on the box, it shows you a pizza, then you say which fraction is still in the box.

I have recently successfully used this app to support less able children, who were struggling with fractions. It is a great way for visual learners to see halves, quarters, thirds, fifths etc in a meaningful context. I love the use of pizzas  to illustrate fractions as it is very meaningful and fits with the way we have been contextualising this topic.The interface is uncluttered and the learning curve for pupils and teaching assistants is a matter of seconds. However I think the best Maths apps allow you full control over questions and areas that pupils still need to be work on. This functionality is missing or at best minimal on this app.

The notification sounds are a little annoying and I am not sure why the chef has to screw up his eyes and mouth each time you move on to the next question. Perhaps he is a bit distressed about having to rush off and cook another pizza and remove a fraction of it. Whatever ,?? It is a 3 star app that gets 4 stars from me because it is free!

There are settings to choose levels of difficulty and to decide on whether you want to proceed by shaking the iPad or via a button press. The developer, Brian West, has made two other fraction apps and a review of these can be found here.



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