I need a Graphing App

There is a bit of a popular myth around apps and iPads and it can be summed up in the phrase, ‘there’s an app for that’. Actually there isn’t always and maybe if there is then the app may be very hard to find. Or conversely it maybe that you just don’t use an app at all you actually use some other PC based or analogue resource.

This week I really needed an iPad app for simple graphing with Key Stage 1, I didn’t want a Khan Academy style video explaining graphs. And I did not want a tool that would take too long to explain or something that would offer a challenging interface, I mean come on this is an iPad. But I haven’t found it. I asked on Twitter and Simon Haughton gave me the response of using the chart tool within the Pages app, but for me that was a bit of a compromise.

After much further searching on websites and the App store I found Graph Cubes from -Hands-On-Maths. At first glance it looked great, it had some good exemplar graphs, but annoyingly it has bugs. I wanted the children to be able to label their graph and drag and drop the coloured cubes into place, but the cubes disappear and so to do the titles. I want my money back.

I think I had been spoilt by working and teaching with flash-based applications in the past. I have been used to 2Graph, a graphing package from 2Simple. Built by Max Wainewright over 10 years ago in response to the overly complicated software of the time. If anyone finds an app like 2Graph then I’d be really pleased to add it to my list of apps, and if any developers are reading this – Max has laid down a classic and  set the standard – could any of you take it one step further for IOS?
You can see a video of the online version from Ian Addison below:


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