A Teachmeet on iPads

Next Month, November the 8th to be exact I am hosting a Teachmeet on iPads. This is an event I have organised in partnership with Mr Mark Warner who runs the Teaching Appz and Teaching Ideas sites. I must also thank the lovely people at Joskos, Rising Stars, Schoolastic and Toucan Computing who are also lending a hand.

We would love to see as many iPad focussed teachers there as possible to share ideas and soak up the iPad love in the room.

Here are some important details and things you need to know

What is a teachmeet then?

Simply a teacher meet up. An opportunity for teachers to share with each other things that have worked well in their class.

What happens there?

Teachers come either as lurkers / listeners or they come armed with a presentation that they cane deliver in either 2, 7 or 15 minute slots. Speakers are chosen at random from an electronic fruit machine and the style of talk is generally a bit informal. There are rarely any handouts or power points. These events are fast paced and the ideas flow quickly.

Who can go?

It is mostly teachers that attend, but anyone with an interest in technology in education is free to come along and listen or share.

Where is it?

St Aidans Primary School , Seven Kings , Redbridge, East London

Seven Kings station is on the Liverpool Street Line and just a short train ride from the Olympic Park

When is it?

7pm on the 8th November

How do I get Tickets?

Go to our Eventbrite page and sign up for a ticket

I would love to share with you all about what is going on in my class with iPads

Great we would love to hear from you, can you add your name to the our wiki page or email me (skinnyboyevans at gmail.com)

I would love to help you with organisation on the night

Great we could do with some helpers email me (skinnyboyevans at gmail.com)

I can not make it – will it be streamed?

Yes but could do with a volunteer to take care of this.

Do you know what you are doing?
Have you done this before?

Yes, I have worked together with Dave Smith from Havering LA in the past to organise Teachmeet North east London, where we included short mini note talks from the likes of Ollie Bray and Tom Barret

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/Af70UQI?p=1 width=”550″ height=”443″]


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