ADE Training at ELM Park

My colleague Steve and I are fortunate enough to be at Elm Park for some training by Julian Coultas, the Digital Roadtrip. He is giving us lots of tips and I’ll attempt to live blog all that we pick up. Please excuse the typos as this is live.


  • No need for Apple TV – just use the Reflection App this allows you to show your iPad via your laptop. I have this and it really works


  • The iPad can operate as a mobile visualised – showing piece of work as you travel around class – that is one of those obvious ideas staring me in the face, a but like earlier this week when I used the brushes app with the kids as a digital whiteboard. There was no constant rubbing out or lost pens with this.

The iPad will make more amazing content in the hands of a seven year old than it will in the hands of a forty seven year old

When using iMovie – export the movie to camera roll – export as 360x – once in camera roll you can get the movie off very easily. The PC will think it is a digital camera .

Good to look at Morfo again – we created a Henry and Winston talking head. I am reminded that we really need to do this with our classes.


Moving onto talk about E books and another great idea – get children to download samples of E Books and review them. Cost effective guided reading activity.

Now looking at Creative Book builder. We saw an excellent example of year 5 E Book on theme of evacuation. The book consisted of digital text and a photo of handwritten text.

Now making a book with Book Creator – could also use My Story with Year 1

Creating an EBook could be used for many applications – why not make a series of digital snapshots of Maths or other subjects as a portfolio?


The picture above is Steve and I enthusing about the idea of using the iBooks store as a way of getting samples of books. I know I mentioned this earlier but it’s just clicked how we could use this in class. Imagine for example at story time, where you could model finding, downloading and reading a sample of a text with the class. This is a great cost effective way of trying out books with the class.

Julian is now covering the idea of using QR codes on a wall display. Using the Red Laser App to create and read the codes. This is a great way for parents or other teachers to view work that might be hidden away on a digital device somewhere.

It’s good to see another demo of Printopia – I really wish that Fingerprint would work as well.

Now on a tour of this amazing school.Seeing a face time Gingerbread man project.


This is the digital wall where parents can scan and listen to speaking and listening activities.




I love this display of Comic Life created on iPads and printed via WebDAV to windows Active Directory.


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