Scape a new Music app


We love musical composition apps at our school and it can be really exciting to see what the children come up with after just a few minutes. Recently during my class assembly I had a revelation of how composition could move beyond getting the tray of percussion instruments out form the back of the cupboard and hoping for the best. All the incidental music we played to accompany the story of The Prodigal son was composed and free-styled live by two members of our class using Figure and Garage Band. And then this week Brain Eno follows up his ground breaking Bloom app with Scape. This app is amazingly tactile and the output is consistently tranquil and unique each time. It’s a little expensive, but I think it’s worth it to give children the opportunity to create something  that not only sounds original, but also looks like a piece of art. The screen in each composition is a rich collage of shapes, lines and patterns and really needs to be snapped and displayed  Perhaps one route to explore with this app would be to do just that; pupils compose their track and take a screenshot of the background. These could be displayed alongside a QR code of their track.

I look forward to using Scape and will share my findings here.



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