Haiku Deck – set your presentation free

I have just created my first slideshow with an app I recently discovered called Haiku Deck. I am so excited by this app on so many levels. On a very simple level the app gives you the ability to create a slide show with a combination of photographs and overlaid text. But it is so much more than another keynote style app:

Click on the link/image above to view the slide show.

First and foremost the format of slide and up to two lines of text, forces you to be selective and avoid an overcomplicated message. Furthermore the size of the text is set with presentations in mind, I am not sure what point or size it is actually set at, but it is big enough and it avoids the awful whole slide of text syndrome!

To emphasise simplicity again I’d mention that creating a slide is at most 3 clicks/taps. No cropping or resizing photos to fit, that is all done for you

Despite the simplicity it is very versatile in its approach to pulling in images, you can use their own  bank of high quality images, take your own, explore your photo stream or use images from Facebook, Flickr, Picassa or Instagram. Ok not all of those last few would not be relevant or safe within schools with pupils, but for teachers creating slide shows this feature allows us access to a diverse and wide-ranging library of photographic assets.

Finally, let’s consider sharing which is where this app comes into its own. And lets face it many of us are on the look out for any app that lets you easily get your work off the iPad. Haiku Deck gives you the option of sharing by social network, which is great for personal slideshows, though not relevant necessarily for all schools. In addition to this sharing, you can send a link by email. This link then further offer the option of sharing via embed code to blogs or (ahem)  VLES. Though as you maybe aware you can not embed in wordprees.com blogs only self hosted wordpress.org. Did I mention you can also export the slideshow as a Powerpoint file too. And just as I am editing this, I have since found out that you can export as pdf from the main Haiku Deck website too.

I am looking forward to sharing my “Family” Haiku Deck with a group of  key stage 1 children this week. And then I’d like to work with some older children on creating and sharing their own simple Haiku Decks.


3 comments on “Haiku Deck – set your presentation free

  1. So happy you’re enjoying the app! This post made our day. Thanks for writing about us and please do send us any feedback you have! This is just the beginning for us. Will get even better. High-five from Seattle.

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