First Week Back

Last week was our first week of the new term and only three days at that, so there was not a great deal of IPad time together. However I did have an opportunity to work with Year 6 classes and try out an idea. I say idea but really this was just another interpretation of a classic. During those early September sessions many of us will have asked our class to create self portraits with either a pencil or a camera. That is the easy bit, the fun comes when they then alter their image and add perhaps add other images in order to make a collage.Indeed the collage could be a poster  that really sums up who they are and what interests them.

Charlie Pic Collage

So taking this idea to the IPad I used PicCollage, which is like cutting and sticking from photographs and magazines, but without the runny glue and scissors. As with most apps I come across this one is intuitive and therefore the classes quickly assembled their posters. Aside from posed pictures, text and stickers many of them were also able to add their heads to football players, Olympians and of course Timelords. I have included an example from my Charlie above to show what is possible, and to point out that while looking at and creating these we also debated issues of design, subtlety and printer ink.

I told the class the brief was to create a bold poster, that “when displayed  it is clear that it is you. The audience should be able to clearly see you centre stage while also learning a bit more about you” I have to say that as reflective Year 6 pupils most of them understood the brief and only needed to make minor tweaks to background, text or photo size.

And here is a review from Adorama Photography found on Youtube.


One comment on “First Week Back

  1. A gr8 creative way 2 engage & enthuse the kids 2 explore how 2 represent themselves visually without being restricted. Looks like lots of fun 🙂

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