Questions that need Answers – A Timetables App??

Image Credit: Multiplying Rabbit by Holyoh7

My fellow blogger, Simon of Haughton runs an ask Simon website as he knows lots of stuff about ICT. As I get older I actually know less and therefore I’d like to subvert his trend and ask you my readers some questions instead.

There are times when a tweet or a google search just are not enough and you need more space to get your question out. Ok so here goes hoping there will be some answers in the comments section, otherwise I’ll be feeling a bit lonely Billy no mates.

I really do have quite a lot of questions in my head at the moment – so this will be the first of  about 4 posts.

  1. What is the best app for teaching/ learning/ improving recall of Multiplication Tables on Ipad?

I am not talking about an app that you may have heard about or seen on a website, but an app you have actually used with your class and found successful.

Also aside from an IPad app how else have you successfully taught Multiplication facts using ICT?

Thanks to Lisa Stephens,Sheli Blackburn and Mary Farmer who posted their tweets in response to my question earlier this evening:


2 comments on “Questions that need Answers – A Timetables App??

  1. The Arcademics site ( has lots of great competitive games for multiplication (and other Maths / Literacy concepts) that children LOVE. Arcademics are also now branching out into apps, so lots of their great online games are also available in the App Store, although I haven’t tried these myself (yet). Multiplication Grand Prix is a classic!

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