Plea for Apps to review

I have just gone past my 50th blog post and my thanks to all of you that have read, commented or retweeted this site in some way. ICT excites me as I see at first hand the way that it can transform lessons, engage learners and give voice and expression to those that may struggle with a stick of graphite and a bit of lined paper.

I really would like to flag and review new and interesting Apps or websites that are designed for primary age children. But they have to be something a bit special. So if you would like me to review, try out and possibly even make a short video of your app or site then use the contact me button or the comments section below. Ideally I need;

  • a promo code
  • a press pack
  • some time to play with your application either with a class or with my family

If your product is innovative, exciting and not just “another app” then I’ll post a review here and tweet it out.

BTW – not looking for financial gain here – just trying to track down new and exciting applications for ICT.



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