Google Sketchup Unit -from ages ago-

Back when I was consulting, I wrote a blog and sometimes did some good stuff in schools. One of my good friends Mary Farmer, an Apple ADE and ICT Diva reminded me the other night of some Google Sketchup planning I wrote back then. I have included what I can salvage from that time and reposted it here. Though I have to say I would have been nowhere with this amazing application if it hadn’t been for Simon Haughton, who will always be my ICT pin up. I must also mention  my esteemed colleague Nicholas Hughes, who is a great finisher and inspiring teacher.

So, Mary here is the planning you asked for, will you stop nagging me on twitter now?

Sketch Up Plan Year 5

Sketch Up Plan Year 6

I made a selection of very whispery videos to accompany the plans like the one below

[ width=”550″ height=”443″]


One comment on “Google Sketchup Unit -from ages ago-

  1. ICT Diva…why thank you dear sir! 🙂
    Many, many thanks for these plans! I had remembered reading them AGES ago when you first wrote about them.
    Your old site was amonst the first ones that I visited to learn about exciting (yet achievable) things to do using ICT so a giant thank you for not just your help today but for your sharing ideas all that time ago (and since!!).
    **sorry for the nagging :-)**

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