Animal Faces


There are many apps that allow you to transform an image of your face. Some apply filters and most layer “masks” on top of the image in order to transform you into anything from a Vampire to a Viking. Animal Picture  is a simple IOS app , it wont let you animate in 3D or play your voice recording back through the mouth, neither can you perform complex adjustments to integrate the  face image with the layers.

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But, it is the simplicity of this app that deems it worthy of a brief blog post. Simply take a picture and manoeuvre the animal masks in place. It is the digital equivalent of the foam animal mask you can pick up at a party shop, which fall apart after ten minutes  boisterous party.

Classroom uses of this app are numerous and its ease of use means it could feature more in lower years. As a standalone app the animal faced images would look great on display, accompanied by speech bubbles with quotes from fairy tale characters or wild animals. Think ,what would the three pigs say? or how about the story of the Bank Holiday escapee – The Essex Lion. As saved images they could be used by the teacher when making labels that require a simple identifier such as coats pegs or drawers. Pupils could even choose to use these as their custom avatars in Class Dojo.

However the app does have only a limited set of masks/ animal faces to choose from and it would be helpful to have more. Certainly there are other sites that do more, some though have content which would not appropriate for primary aged children. If you find other avatar creator style apps, then do let me know.



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