More Phonics Fun – Funimal Pairs

Last  weekend Charlie (4) and Leo (7) spent some time playing the new app from School of Happy. Funimal Pairs builds on the previous Funimal Phonics app with games to remind and reinforce letter sounds.

The app is essentially 3 memory card/pairs game  screens and 3 areas of focus.
  • Animal Matching Cards- for example a hippo and a hippo
  • Letter Sound matching Cards for example a “d” and a “d”
  • Animal and corresponding initial sound screen

My current test for whether an app is much cop is to give it to my boys and see whether they want to keep playing, and I also keep an ear out for any talk related learning too.

Well Funimal Pairs was certainly enjoyed by the boys, they were reluctant to stop playing and have asked to play the “animal cards game on Daddy’s Ipad” again and again.

It was very easy for them to pick up and they needed little, if any, intervention from me. That said there was challenge too. I really enjoyed watching Charlie think about which animal would accompany the “c” sound or what was the initial sound for parrot. For this foundation stage pupil who is still consolidating on his sounds and finalising his phonological knowledge I feel this app is ideal. As he played, the game threw up opportunities for talk between him and his brothers, between Dad and himself or just to himself. I would hear him rehearse sounds and compare them, for example d, b and p. He would also talk with me about the animals and discuss their initial sounds, but there was not too much of this as he was pretty in flow throughout the sessions.

I am adding this to the literacy folder on our school Ipads now that it has had a full release.


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