4 More Videos to Inspire Writing In Key Stage 2

home work

Home Work by Slightly Everything on Flickr

I have been busy looking for video clips again, following my recent post of ten clips that you could use to get your class writing. I would add of course that simply watching a video is not enough, the shared talk and writing around the clip is key to the end result, namely work your class will be keen to read aloud or blog about.

Furthermore, clips like these could lead to more than just a written piece, they offer opportunities for digital presentations and tribute animations themselves . Remember to embed videos in a blog or VLE, rather than asking children to visit Vimeo directly. All of these videos have been watched and though I deem them appropriate you may disagree. It is of course  always essential to watch anything before you show it to your class!

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

The journey of the boat is a story without a written narrative. It is like a series of illustrations without the story. With this in mind why not ask the children to write and then record a narrative. This need not be in prose it could be poetic, perhaps with a receptive refrain, such as “on little boat on”. I thought of this because the film reminded me of a sort of grown up – “Going on a Bear Hunt”

Possible Ideas

Use the journey screen in  2Create a Superstory from 2Simple or a series of Powerpoint slides to recreate your own Little Boat Journey.

Record a narrative to accompany the animation in the form of a story or a poem.

Tell the story from the point of view of the boat or perhaps one of the passengers or soldiers.

origins from Robert Showalter on Vimeo.

A really colourful and vividly shot movie, which is both brief and powerful. The robot discovers where he belongs but despite his initial pride he rejects his home and move back to nature.

Possible ideas

Show the video up until the point the robot enters the factory/ warehouse space and talk with the children about what he might find. What do they imagine the symbol means and what goes on in the building marked with that sign. Talk and/or write about the factory.

How does the robot feel when he finally discovers where he has come from – ask children to write a first person piece that shows his initial pride and excitement which leads to disappointment and a rejection.

Reverso from ArtFx on Vimeo.

I love this film and the ending, which I won’t spoil for you, just keep watching!
This short could be used to address difference, clearly the upside down worker is set apart from the rest of the workforce and indeed the world. He has had to make some adaptations and changes in order to just fit in and live. This could open up discussion for children to talk with sensitive interventions about issues of disability.  Though watching the film through will point to a learned behaviour rather than a condition. You could then talk about the back story to the character, why does he choose to spend his life upside down, what caused him to change his way of living?

So in short this clip lends itself to a range of discussion topics in PSHE it could also be used as a springboard for story writing around the origins of the main character.

Passing Through from Olafur Haraldsson on Vimeo.

This video would really inspire some awe and wonder in the right context, perhaps it is more suited to an RE lesson. I liked the narrative, but it maybe a bit above the heads of even the most G and T year 6 pupils. There is something about it though that makes me think I could really use this with pupils to inspire them to write.

Possible ideas
Play without sound and ask children to just watch and take in what they see
Spend some time talking with response partner about what they saw, perhaps even jot down some descriptive words and phrases.
Now play the narration
Attempt to summarise – sum up what was said in the simplest possible terms.
Could the children work together to create their own narration for the clip – using a similar rhythm and tone.

Do leave a comment if you like these clips and you’d like to see more and if you have any great ideas about how they could be used.


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