Build with Chrome

A couple of days ago Chrome released Build with Chrome in collaboration with Lego. An online Lego set that lets you create buildings and structures using virtual Lego bricks in virtual Australia and new Zealand.

I have just taken a break from building my virtual home to post it here on the blog.

Ant’s house takes shape from the ground up

I was really excited when I saw the videos advertising this new tool, I was sure there would be lots of opportunities for creative expression and learning.

There is nothing to download and as it is web-based children could of course follow-up on their learning at home. Once a model is built it can be submitted and will appear on the map for others to see. There are a few things to consider before you launch into using this with your class.

  • Anyone can create a building online with Build with Chrome, but you must be  over 18 or get parental permission before you can publish your building  see more of this on the House Rules.
  • There is a limitation to the bricks you can use – I’d say these bricks, windows and door seem to be more from my era of Lego than the vast collection we see in today’s boxes. There are a choice of ten colours for your bricks, but due to the brick limitations you may find your creativity somewhat stifled. Let us hope more bricks are added.
  • Every model is looked at and approved so there is no possibility of children encountering anything rude or anyone using the virtual Lego land as an advertising space.
  • The controls can be a little fiddly but stick with them and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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