Transporting the Ipads around

When a school has a set of Ipads that are in high demand there can be a number of issues to deal with aside from what apps to put on them and security, you also need to think about:

  • Charging
  • Transporting
  • Storage

When I used to DJ, I had to carry round a couple of CD players and a mixer. As my equipment was quite cheap to begin with a simple case would suffice, but as I bought more industry standard gear, I needed something more robust. At this point I invested in some custom-made flight cases. This meant the case got scuffed and jogged rather than the sensitive mechanisms of my CD players.

When I started using the school set of Ipads I knew we needed something similar, or else we’d soon find ourselves with cracked screens. The rubber covers and some sturdy Ikea boxes were ok for a while, but I knew we could get something better.

Heavy usage by two or more classes would take their toll on the devices and we would often find a class would get frustrated when they’d find the Ipads only had 2%. Thus ensued a spaghetti of white charging leads and a mass of 4 way extension leads. That is a lot of leads and a huge potential for tangling and a lot of wasted time.

We have recently started using our newly acquired In Sync Charging and Syncing cases. We haven’t got to the syncing part yet, but the charging element is great. No need to plug-in the white connector as each slot in the case has a dock at the base. So drop them all into the slots, plug the case into one plug and return later and everyone is charged and ready.

The case is well padded and on wheels, so it can be easily pulled to the next classroom, that is if you can get there without jeers of “Going on Your Holidays”

I don’t have a price for this bit of a kit and this is only a partial review, but if you do like what you see then speak to Toucan who are experts on all things Apple and Education.


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