As the school year rapidly runs out, teachers and pupils reflect back on the last three terms. After the marking and report writing we move into a time of end of year festivities. For Year Six there will inevitably be a tearful nostalgic slide show at leavers’ assembly, this being  a masterpiece put together by a harassed coordinator or technician of course.

In the run up to this pupils at the top of the school may also be working on their own digital reflections. My pupils are working on the Switched On ICT, ‘We Are Publishers Unit’. A project which means they must mine the folders of images on the network. Locating poignant photographs of their time in the school, in order to combine these with suitable text.

One idea to enhance this project is to use photo collages. I have recently rediscovered the brilliant Autocollage tool from Microsoft which does this job brilliantly. I used it yesterday to create header images for my class blog. It can arrange up to 50 images into a montage of blended photographs, which look amazing! You can choose to have the finished product in a portrait or landscape format and pick either standard photo sizes or use advanced options to customise the output to your dimensions.

This image is an example of 7 images from a recent visit to the Sea life Centre given the Auto Collage Treatment. You can get this software for your school along with lots of other free tools and resources by becoming a Microsoft Partner in Learning, click  here for more details.

How to use Autocollage 


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