34 Ways to use a Digital Image

Woman looking over shoulder

Woman looking over shoulder

Creative Commons © Jerry Bunkers

As long ago as 2009, I initiated  a collaborative Google Docs presentation themed “Things to do with a Digital Image”. This was a trend that Tom Barrett had kicked off at the time and many similar presentations exist, everything from what to do with an IWB to ways to incorporate an IPAD into lessons

Currently there are 33 ways that an image could be enhanced, edited, uploaded to, tweaked etc in the presentation. All of these have been contributed by brilliant educators (and Me), however the presentation was started BI (before Ipads). It would be great to see what else we could add to this, now that we have so many photo apps in the palm of our hands. And indeed since 2009 there have been more web-based photo manipulation tools and sites that you may know about and other could benefit from using.

It would be brilliant to breathe fresh life into this presentation as I know many teachers have found it valuable, so if you’d like to contribute, click here for the link that lets you open it in google docs and add your own slides. I am regularly backing this up by the way, just in case it all goes wrong!

Email: skinnyboyevans@gmail.com

Twitter : @skinnyboyevans


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