3 Free Resources I have used this week

I don’t know teachers these days, they do not know they’re born.Back in the day  I spent many an hour slaving over a mouse and a tedious table in MS Word to create a label or a poster. But now, there are a wealth of sites that create these things for you and some are actually very good too.

Adverbs Posters and Long list of examples

I do still prefer to make my classroom posters, using a mix of Powerpoint, Big Huge Labs and Springfield Punx, but this resource from Mark at Teaching Ideas looked great and is now adorning my wall. Adverbs is a tricky one for some year six pupils to grasp and so along with the poster there is also a long list of A4 pages of examples too. Very useful and if positioned well for room does not look like every other sparkle box styled room in the country.


Paperzip create beautiful display resources and they’re free. I am making a display of how we use IOS devices and Paperzip has some well drawn templates of iPads and iPhones, along with some rather elegant certificates, bookmarks and posters.

Monster Simile Poem Creator

Google My Monster and this site from Lancs Grid for Learning will be first to show. It is a very clever writing frame that guides pupils through the process of making a simile rich poem. Complete the half-finished lines with your own similes and voila instant Monster poem. i tried it this week with my class and I was impressed with what they came up with.

in retrospect I would use this site as a starter for a unit on Imagery, rather than half way through a unit as by now pupils have already blogged some very descriptive and metaphorical  poems about beasts

Here is what one of my pupils created with the monster site earlier this week:

My monster is called Blodin

My monster has a body like a mountain
Eyes like tomartoes
A nose like the end of a spear
A mouth like a big black hole
Legs like tree trunks
And arms like branches

My monster is as friendly as a grumpy old troll
As clever as a plank
As loud as a bullhorn
As smelly as a dump
And as frightening as thunder

My monster Blodin

The End


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