On Sarah’s iPad

Just want to flag up this great blog On Sarah’s iPad‘s is updated very regulallry with lively and informative primary age app reviews and advice.

Sarah has worked in the field of assistive technology and has her six children. So, she is more than qualified to talk about children and edtech.

Keep up the good work Sarah – I am enjoying your posts.


2 comments on “On Sarah’s iPad

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and glad you liked my posts. Just browsing through your posts now and I particularly like the iPad tips post. Have you found Kristi’s blog at http://iteachwithipads.net/ yet? Kristi blogs about how she uses iPads with her Kindergarten students and it is really practical information, reports on the impact the iPads are having, information about the Apps they use etc. *really* good stuff. My blog has been a bit scatty the last few days as I have a few sick children at home, but there are several reviews in the pipeline that I hope to put up in quick succession. I also have a Facebook group to support the blog at https://www.facebook.com/groups/351196844892855/ where I put up alerts about Apps going free for a limited time, and any other news that is not quite blog-worthy. I tend to get more discussion on the group page than on the blog. Thanks again for your kind words and I know I’m going to enjoy reading your posts.

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