Art Circles

I have just been spending a fascinating hour with the current Itunes App of the week, Art Circles. This new app allows you to discover art via innovative circles of curators, collections or colours. It has opened my eyes to a wider range of high quality photography and both classic and modern paintings.

As the App Store classifies this app as a 12, then I would be reluctant to install it across the IPad network, just in case one of my class did come across some profanity or other inappropriate content..Howvever after looking at it for some time, I have yet to find any!

Where I do think this app  has great value is as a reference and planning  text for teachers. It is a great tool for planning Art lessons and for finding works of art and powerful images in the spirit of Last Fm or Spotify. I imagine I would use it whilst plugged into my class projector whilst the pupil used 2Paint a Picture or analogue brushes and paint to create their own work “in the style of ____”.

Having just looked at it for a second time, it strikes me that this would also enhance descriptive language as each colour is given a vivid and evocative name & definition. For example a deep blue is referred to as Lapis .Alongside the definition of the colour there are streams of paintings which encapsulate or feature that colour. With this in mind I coulkd see myself having a colur of the day or week. Time could be set aside to create lists of similes or poetic sentences for our chosen colour, rather than just focusing on the often hackneyed – but necessary wow words.


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