Don’t Lose your.. IPAD

I am so absent-minded that I will often put my IPad or other IOS device down in the most obscure places. I could be talking to a pupil and then put my IPad on the shelf above her head to avoid distractions. That is all well and good but two hours later I could well be stressing and hunting for the now “missing” device, which of course it is still resting on the shelf.

Here is the Apple Video

And here is the dodgy video I did in the garden

Fortunately I am finding these events can now more easily be addressed by the use of a free Apple App called Find my IPhone. Despite the name it does seem to relate to all Apple devices. it is worth installing this app now on your own machine and any you may have in school. Then you will be ready should anything go wrong, or if Mr Jones next door borrowed one for your devices and he has now forgotten to put it

Download the app – do it today ! – it is free but does require IOS 5

Sign in with your Apple ID each time you need to locate a device
Your devices can be selected and then located on a map
You can the eiither sned a message or trigger a “gentle”


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