Special Needs Apps

I have followed the work of the very knowledgeable Ian Bean for some time. He is a great source of information and inspiration on using technology with children with SEN.

His status updates on Facebook and twitter highlight his excitement around the power of equipping SEN children with appropriate ICT to allow them to learn and express themselves. Yet he recogonises that all the IPads, laptops and switches you can squeeze into a cupboard will not achive this, staff have to be trained or at least aware of the power of these devices and their associated software/ apps.

If you  work with children with SEN then I recommend one of his courses or at the very least subscribing to his updates on either twitter or his ICT SEN facebook page . He often posts slides like the one above which really resonate with my experience as an ICT advisor and as a parent of autistic children who love technology. Furthermore he is about to publish progression documents on using touch devices including iPad and other relevant materials.

At the  recent  TES Resources Show in Manchester, Ian talked about iPad apps for children with special needs and he has allowed me to share his list here, just click on this link for a pdf of his recommendations.

I must also pass on this image from the wall of photos shared on ICT SEN, which Ian had passed to him by Christopher Bryg, as it is so true!

Ian explains:

An image shared by Christopher Bryg which illustrates the importance of training and support. Every school I have ever visited has cupboards full of equipment. So much better to identify which technologies will best support the student’s needs and learn to use them well.


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