Figure out a Tune – Boys Test Propellerheads App

When it comes to Apps for kids I do veer mostly towards the creativity side of things. I want to allow the children the opportunity to see, feel or hear something they are proud of, using a MAC or an IOS device will allow a creative output, but one that will be so much sleeker and more professional that a traditional Windows composition.

I am keen to explore the full gamut of app styles and creative outlets with my kids at home and at school. Browsing through the education category of the App store or even going to the Kids section of a physical Apple store can be a bit of a let down. The education category is often skill based games, and while some of these are very good, many show up their authors as being quite out of step with how teachers and pupils learn and create.

One area I am keen to explore is that of music making and composing, but in a more up to date genre set. I had read a lot about Figure by Propellerheads and this week I downloaded it and gave it a try with Charlie and Leo.

Note that Leo (6) does have a learning difficulty, but despite this he used the app effectively a few times and was able to get a half decent and quite danceable tune from it. I also showed my class, to which the response was “sick”, which I think is a positive response.  I hope to explore this some more with my class in the coming weeks, though I will need to dig out some headphones. I would add that you will not find this app in the education section and it costs a mere 69p. Bargain!

Now for the official video


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