The Reading Area

I have been thinking a lot about reading and reading areas of late, particularly as I update and personalise my new classroom.

How do I set up conditions so that reading takes place?

How do I foster a love of reading amongst my pupils?

And then, this morning my boys stopped me in my track for a bit – they both curled up on the sofa for about 30 – 40 minutes reading and pre reading to themselves and to each other and loving it too.

Why did this happen?

  • The house was quiet and calm
  • They had a comfy area to curl up in
  • All other screens and attractions were currently not available
  • They had a ready supply of up to date books, comics and magazine – ok so mostly Doctor Who related , but they are interested in the stuff so why not?
  • They had seen me read some of these materials and we had shared some of these texts together too.

Charlie and Leo reading and sharing in their ‘reading area’ is not that unusual but it happens more often when the conditions are right.

Just a thought.

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2 comments on “The Reading Area

  1. Very true. I managed to snaffle two sofa-type chairs for my class reading area and I dressed them up a bit with some cushions and a throw too. It’s lovely seeing children relax a bit and get engrossed in their books there.

    A while ago I started questioning what my optimum writing ‘conditions’ were and whether I could use this to help writing in class. Not so easy though. Work in progress!

    • Thanks Claire
      I think getting the environment right is so key whatever age the children are and that includes having good furniture as well as good books.

      I like your idea about optimum conditions for writing – I need to work on that too.

      You have got me thinking about conditions for technology use now as well.

      mmm – another post is coming

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