The Chase

I simply have to share this video with you all. I used it today with my class to inspire their writing and you could hear a drawing pin clatter to the ground they were so engrossed. Though when I stopped the video at 3:29 the mood changed as they were all desperate to find out what happened next.

This is one of a number of excellent videos you can find at Vimeo, which is more of a grown up Youtube. By that I mean real film makers post there and there is non of the “lol cats”, “Mentos and Diet coke shaking fun” or awful lip syncing to Justin Bieber etc or other memes. When at 2Simple I spent a long time searching for great videos there and found some real gems, which I know would inspire great writing, drama and discussion. Here is another one which never made it to Purple Mash but would be good fro children in Key Stage 2.

Just a note of caution – I would always check out any video throughly before showing it to children. I would also not recommend sending children to video sites to search endlessly for videos. This is not just about inappropriate content but more because it can take so long to find anything of great value.

The Teddy Story from Laura Herald on Vimeo.


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